Welcome to

The Westgate Cabins

and RV Park!




As you enter Westgate Cabins and RV park you will be struck by the beauty of the property.  You can park your RV on the ridge where you can see, and listen, to the majestic Pacific Ocean, or you can park in our grassy lower level.


If you’re not an RVer than we have great cabins that we are certain will suit you and your needs.  All of the cabins were recently renovated.  They are bright and cheerful with

comfortable furnishings and the kitchens will accommodate you should you prefer to “stay in” and relax rather than dining in one of the great restaurants on the peninsula.  We have cabins on the ridge that lead out to the ocean and some that are nestled into the interior of our property. 


If you are interested in an extended stay, please inquire about our weekly, monthly and annual rates.


Relax and enjoy the sound of the crashing waves. Whatever your pleasure the Westgate Cabin and RV Park, located just 7 miles north of downtown Long Beach, Washington, is here to accommodate you!